It’s OK To Love Me

Society teams such a diversity of life, all of which require nourishment, companionship, rest and a haven to be, to live, to breathe, to create and survive without fear of harm, ridicule or prejudice.

Humanity in all its colors require these basic needs and if and when others try to take from us, they are taking away from themselves, harming others, diluting life forces that support and ultimately undress all that is good in favor of creating a world that is not safe, not nourishing and not sustainable.

We must accept and embrace all things, all life, with love, kindness and respect, or risk losing it all.

It’s OK To Love Me.

A powerful new mini-documentary/music video created by Carlos Garcia with Hawaii artists makes a provocative statement about the collective evils in contemporary society. Racism, sexism, homophobia, animal abuse, police brutality and corporate/political corruption are all addressed in haunting images tied to intoxicating music. Beginning with an enchanting, hypnotic rhythm, “It’s OK to Love Me” (Anthem for Equality), soon explodes into a compelling visual spectacle as layers of abuse are exposed.

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